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Hello.  My name is Roger Alan Stone. I founded Advocacy Data in 2010 to do one thing and do it better than anyone else – provide voter, demographic and email data of such quality and depth that it would transform what was possible in Political, Advocacy and Constituent Communications.

Working politics since the mid-eighties and in the intersection of politics, the Internet and data since 1998 at Juno Online Services and then Advocacy Inc., I participated in the ongoing online, email and big data revolutions. At the center of online and offline communications and now social media was DATA. And we at Advocacy Data resolved we could best serve our clients by being the best at that one thing.

Data and Sending *how does it work*

At the heart of what we do is our proprietary national voter file. With 180 million plus records from every state, we have every voter in country! We’ve enhanced those records with over 200 additional variables, like ethnicity, education, and interests. We’re also appending those files with email addresses at between 35-40% and even more among frequent voters and donors.

Using large commercial databases of opted-in email addresses, we match them with the names and street addresses on the voter files. Each match is then sent a “Welcome Message” that informs them that elected officials, campaigns and non-profit organizations would like to communicate with them by email and gives them a link to unsubscribe. This process also cleans out bounces and makes the using our emails CAN-Spam compliant.

All of our emails are guaranteed – any that bounce in the first 30 days are replaced or refunded. We constantly hygiene our data by removing bad emails, checking against large databases of Spam-Traps and known complainers, and obtaining fresh voter data and email addresses frequently.

Sending System

Our system was designed for bulk emailing of prospect voter and donor lists. It has the segmenting and reporting features to take best advantage of the depth of data we provide. With it you can do in depth analysis as well as the A/B testing to maximize response.

Frankly, sending a million emails isn’t difficult but having them delivered has become very difficult. For voter and donor lists, it has become an art and science and few people have the decade plus of experience we have or the amount of very specialized knowledge and relationships we bring to it.

Our system has been whitelisted with the various ISPs and we work hard to maintain good relationships with them. We also use a host of techniques like throttling delivery so that we don’t end with blocks just from the volume being sent at once.

Who Uses Our Services

    • Official Congressional Offices

Advocacy Data is proud to be an Approved Vendor to both The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for email data and sending services. With the largest email database and our new ConstituentMail 2.0 sending system we can serve our Congressional Clients better than anyone else.

    • Political

We have unparalleled expertise in the practical use of data for winning campaigns. We use data to find the voters, supporters and donors you need to win and we help you reach them by email, phone, postal mail and social media

    • Donors

With millions of donors on our in-house databases, we can use our expertise to prospect donors you wouldn’t find any other way. Don’t leave money on the table, let us help you.

    • Customer Service

Our industry is a small town and we’ve kept clients year after year and gotten new clients from referrals because we believe in serving our customers’ needs. We know the demands of campaigns and Congress and we know how to serve those needs.

Please feel free to contact us at info@advocacydata.com


Roger Alan Stone

Key Team Members

Roger Alan Stone

Founder and CEO

Chris Mayka

Business Development Vice President